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Adil Al Eid PhD

As Vice President and Head of Customer Engagement at AWT, Dr. Al Eid leverages a distinguished career spanning decades and diverse sectors. With a PhD in Technical Security specializing in Biometric Systems from the American University, his expertise is fortified by a tenure as a former Brigadier General, working for thirty years with Saudiā€™s Ministry of Interior, thus offering invaluable insights as an expert and advisor on critical systems for NIC project administration. From serving as GM in KG-Tech to currently chairing the Semaat Security Consulting Center, Dr Al Eid is deeply embedded in the security landscape. His multifaceted role also extends to membership in numerous security-related working groups, centers, and committees across Saudi Arabia and the GCC. A prolific educator and author of six books on fingerprints and various biometric systems, he remains committed to advancing knowledge in this vital field.