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Innovative Clean Air Solutions for a Sustainable Future

We operate across the board, no matter the purpose of your building, its construction status, and your role and link to it.

With expertise across sectors, we serve:


Healthcare Facilities


Government Buildings


Commercial Spaces


Residential Complexes


Industrial Sites

Here’s a list of how we can help

- Enhance and ensure compliance of existing installations
- Improve indoor air quality
- Offer maintenance services and annual HVAC cleaning
- Conduct duct pressure testing and sealing
- Apply internal pipe and duct coating
- Provide specialty cleaning services

- Provide airflow control products for critical environments
- Perform HVAC duct pressure leakage testing
- Offer HVAC system cleaning and disinfection
- Rectify duct and building envelope leakage
- Apply internal pipe and duct surface coating to meet codes
- Offer dry ice blasting and laser cleaning

- Aid in critical environment abatement solutions
- Enhance project specifications for duct testing and coating
- Provide design assistance and specifications
- Offer schematics for AWT products and services

- Supply abatement equipment
- Enhance current systems
- Improve indoor air quality
- Conduct duct testing, cleaning, sealing
- Improve surfaces through coating
- Provide specialty cleaning services
- Offer after-sales support

Services list

Abatement Technology

Air Flow Solutions

Dry Ice Blasting

Duct Leakage Rectification

Duct Pressure Testing

Enclosure Envelope Air Tightness Testing

Envelope Leakage Testing

Fire Resistance Duct System

Fire Stopping

HVAC Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality Inspection – Air Monitoring

Industrial Laser Blasting

Pipe Coating

Room Integrity Testing