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Fire Resistance Duct System

PROMAPAINT® DCl is an acrylic-based coating that is specifically engineered to provide robust fire resistance for steel HVAC ducts. This single-component solution forms a flexible layer upon drying, which accommodates movement and withstanding moisture exposure. It is designed to enhance the fire resistance of steel ducts up to E120.

Benefits of using this product include:

  • Compliance with stringent standards such as BS 476
  • offers exceptional adhesion qualities
  • tested to withstand extreme conditions such as stress and deformation caused by severe weather or fire exposure
  • adheres to compartmentation requirements, particularly crucial for air ducts that serve as potential pathways for fire spread within buildings
  • tested in limiting fire propagation according to BS 476 Part 24 standards for both ducts A and B, underscoring its reliability and suitability for critical applications where fire safety is paramount.