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Robotics & CCTV Inspection

When conducting Duct and Pipework Inspection, our diverse equipment and expertise allow us to overtake any kind of inspection via different methods which correspond to the situation at hand.

DUCT Inspection:

We use different robotic and CCTV innovations to scale up inspections’ on ducts and pipes in order to meet the most stringent standards (NADCA, ACR, TR19, NFPA1, NFPA96, IKECA, etc.) by conducting an in-depth Monitoring, the Inspection equipment we use is able to record and provide live feedback that complies with any duct or pipe size.


  1. Industrial Production
  2. Food and Beverage Industry
  3. Waste Treatment
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Mining Industry
  6. Power Generation
  7. Water Industry
  8. Chemical Industry
  9. Pneumatic Transport
  10. Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Expected outcomes

  1. Inspection of Pipelines
  2. Pipe Cleaning
  3. Industrial Exhausts